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Changwon Environmental Capital


Changwon is home to 2,000 years of long history.

It was a steel producer exporting to China and Japan during the Samhan period.
It was a marine kingdom located at the center of Northeast Asian trade that led to Nakdong River and Masan bay.
Also a strategic point that defeated the Japanese during the Joseon Dynasty.

A place that was one 600 years ago,
it becomes one once again into a world's leading city of 1.1 million people, and greets all of you right now.

Economic City Changwon

Changwon, the first self-integrated city of Korea, is the center of Korea's major economy, with an export of 30.6 billion dollars and a GDP of 28.3 trillion won.

With Changwon National Industrial Complex, Masan Free Trade Zone, and Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority as the center,
Changwon is rising into the major city of Northeast Asian business through active production and research activities of approximately 80 major Korean companies, 3,800 small and midium sized companies, and other multinational companies.

Changwon, an ideal city to set up businesses with the business-friendly campaign, is becoming a cradle of new technology development that creates endless technology innovation and superior value.
While it used be a production oriented city, Changwon is now becoming the Korean Silicon Valley of knowledge industry by the innovation of business research institutes and national research organizations.
As the Northeast Asian economic hub, the base of Korean export advancement, and the hope of Korean economy!
Changwon is making a new leap forward now!

Environmental Capital Changwon

Changwon is the environment capital where people, city, and nature coexist.
Surrounded by pleasant and well organized city, and beautiful coast, mountains and rivers, Changwon is full of numerous types of flowers and wild flowers.
The city is also inspiring life to ecological rivers providing recreational areas to the people, and the port full of green.
Changwon, a major Korean industrial city, declared itself as the environmental capital in 2006 with clean water, clear air, and pleasant urban space, and now hopes to become the world environmental capital.
By holding Ramsar Convention which is one of the three environmental olympics of the world, and United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification, Changwon is closer to becoming an environmental capital with a world-class level.
The Bicycle Special City project as a response to global warming is quickly spreading to the rest of the world by the public bicycle "Nubija."

A well-created ocean park and a vast park within the city!
The pleasant environmental city Changwon that harmonizes the forest is now leaping up from the Korean environmental capital to the global environmental capital.

Cultural City Changwon

Changwon is a cultural city where culture flows in everyday life.
with 600 years of history and tradition, Changwon is a cultural city where the spirit of art can be felt in every street that gave birth to world renowned artists, and various marine leisure such as yachting and wind surfing can be enjoyed.

Shouts from the basketball stadium!
Passion from the soccer field!
Joy from the baseball field!
They will enrich your life more than ever.
The culture and art in life and the charm of the polished city is making Changwon into the major cultural city of Korea.
The announcement of the beginning of spring by the light pink cherry blossoms
Laughter of children at the Maritime School, Chrysanthemum festival full of autumn scent, and the white winter when birds fly in.
This is the attractive cultural city of four seasons where you will want to visit again.
This is Changwon!

City of Happiness, Changwon
The Happy City Changwon considers people most important.
As a city that is provided with the happiness of learning throughout the whole life!
The educational policy of Changwon, the executive member of IAEC, is already being acknowledged worldwide.

Changwon is a hopeful city that raises the quality of life.
Changwon is being created together by fulfilling a demand-oriented participating and productive welfare that brings benefit to every type of people.
As a member city of WHO, As the chair-city of Korea Healthy Cities Partnership, Changwon provides a world-class medical welfare service, enhances the serviceability of public transportation usage, and completes a human-oriented convenient public transportation system by introducing the urban railway.
A city free from worries about education, school meals, and housing!
A city where customized senior, disabled, and women's medical treatment is provided!
This is the happy city of hope! Changwon!

City of Creation

Changwon is a city of creation where challenge, change, and dreams come true.
The science and technology infrastructure will awaken creativity, and the Science Research Park Complex will become the new force of growth.
As the city space for the people!
As the new concept of 21st century multiplex space where nature is in harmony!

Urban space such as the cultural road and nightscape will be newly designed!
While the outer city will prepare itself with a balanced development and long-term advancement, the existing downtown will go through a remodeling, resulting in enhancing the brand power of Changwon!
The city of creation where the beauty and dignity led by the people exist!
Changwon is now being newly designed!


A firm industrial foundation and a neat city infrastructure!
With the cultural value of the pleasant Masan, where more people are gathering and the rich marine leisure resource of the creative naval port city of Jinhae!
The future-oriented development, global city Changwon!
Now having become one again, Changwon is vigorously leaping to become the global city that leads the world, and to become the best city in the world!
Changwon. History of Changwon.
The center of the Iron Civilization. Ancient Marine Kingdom. Euichang

Economic City Changwon
Population (8th)-Ulsan: 1.09 million - Changwon: 1.10 million - Suwon: 1.07 million
Export (3rd)- Seoul: 56.5 billion dollars - Changwon: 30.6 billion dollars - Incheon: 26.9 billion dollars GDP (6th)-Daegu: 32.7 trillion won - Changwon: 28.3 trillion won - Daejeon: 24.2 trillion won
Global advanced companies such as LG, Samsung, and Sony located 3,800 small & medium sized enterprises. The business-friendly campaign. The Korean Silicon Valley

Environmental Capital Changwon
Park area per capita highest among OECD cities
Winning "the most livable city" award sponsored by UNEP
Mt. Muhaksan
Natural stream restored. Theme Park. Ecological guideline applied
2008 Ramsar Convention. UNEP Climate Change. Network Development Conference. International Wetlands Forum
Low-carbon green growth International Symposium.
2009 UCLG ASPAC Executive Committee Meeting. - Changwon Declaration on Green Growth
UN Habitat 2010. IPCC WG III Conference 2011
Eco-Mobility Changwon 2011. World Bicycle Festival. UN Convention to Combat Desertification
Bicycle Special City Project. Public bicylcle system "Nubija". World Bicycle Festival
Dotseom Ocean Recreation Park
Largest Ecological Wetlands in East Asia

Cultural City Changwon
Changwon, home to the national children's song "Spring in Hometown". Sungsan Art Hall.

Myungdong Marine Tourist Resort

LG Sakers, Gyeongnam FC, NC Dinos. Changwon Festival. Gunhangje. Maritime School.
Gagopa Chrysanthemum Festival. Bird Festival.
Ocean Drama Location Set
City of Happiness, Changwon

Lifelong Education Center in village units. General Welfare Centers in strategic points. Welfare Centers in strategic points. Welfare Town for the Disabled. WHO member city. Chair-city of Korea Healthy Cities Partnership University Hospital. Advanced medical infrastructure expanded. Transportation running interval reduced. BIS expanded. Transfer centers installed. Transportation culture for the people Occupational Rehabilitation General Gymnasium Education, School Meal, Housing problems solved - The 3 No Policy Senior, Disabled, Women, Medical - The 4 Strength Policy

City of Creation, Changwon

Science Academy. Science High School. Science Experience Center. Science High School. Institute of Science and Technology Green Growth Center. Industry-University-Institute R&D Research Center. International Association of Educating Cities (IAEC) Executive Member City City space for the people. beautiful streets. Beautiful city design Changwon Science Park Complex (2012). Creation of Robot Land Park(2016). Marine Solar Park (2012) Dongeup Deoksan R&D Complex (2015). 39th infantry division site Development (2015) Changwon, the world' leading city